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Open Sky Farm

Our certified organic farm in northern Michigan specializes in vegetables, cut and potted herbs, and flowers.

Open Sky Organic Farm Flowers

Color Your World!

We have over 100 varieties of cut flowers Open Sky Farm and are adding even more flowers for the season!

Open Sky Farm Produce Fresh Vegetables

Powerfully Good

We grow a wide variety of vegetables and do not use pesticides or herbicides. We believe you are what you eat!

Open Sky Organic Farm Herbs Spices

Taste the Difference

Everything we grow is picked fresh, then carefully washed and stored to maintain its high quality and flavor!

Open Sky Certified Organic Farm
Flowers Produce Herbs

The Open Sky Farm Mission

Open Sky Organic Farm grew out of a desire to affect social, environmental, and personal change. We are a small, certified organic farm focused on producing a wide variety of specialty vegetables, flowers and herbs. Using only best practices to sustain our land and water, we are dedicated to providing the best produce and most beautiful flowers to nourish both body and soul!

Open Sky Organic Certified Northern Michigan

Organic Practices

In 2014, we purchased a fallow hay field near Cross Village with two old barns and poor, rocky soil. We work tireless tirelessly to build our soil through the use of cover crops, compost and other organic matter, and crop rotation. Healthy soil leads to healthy plants and fewer pest problems. We avoid pesticides and herbicides, using only OMRI approved products when absolutely necessary. We believe you are what you eat!

Certified Organic by Nature’s International Certification Services #1567 
Open Sky Organic Gardener

Holistic Approach

Our holistic approach to farming means taking care of all aspects of the farm in order to grow the best products. This includes planting trees and shrubs to provide habitat for pollinators and other beneficial insects, improving the soil in natural ways, conserving water and minimizing plastic use and fossil fuel consumption. We try to be kind to the planet while providing you with the most wholesome produce!

We do not use pesticides or herbicides – we believe you are what you eat!

Farm News – Recent Blog Posts

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Color your world with fresh flowers from Open Sky Farm in Pellston, Michigan! With over 100 varieties of cut flowers, we are adding more flowers for the season....